Teacher, 26


Betty is a translator and teacher from Addis Ababa. She describes herself as brave, confident, committed and able to make the right decisions at the right time. She likes punctual, reasonable, and confident people, but dislikes people with “big mouths”.

Her favourite food is pizza and favourite book is The Notebook. She says the best thing about Africa is the people, because they have showed the world they can do anything. Her favourite spot in Ethiopia is Kuriftu Resort in Debrezeit, and her favourite place outside her home country is Hollywood, because she loves film and music “and that’s where the stars live”.

Betty entered Big Brother because she has always wanted to be a part of it and is inspired by “every crazy thing in the show”. She says that having Africa’s eyes glued to the show will make her feel “like a princess”. If she wins the grand prize, she’ll open a travel agency in Ethiopia.

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