Artist, 23


Cleo is an artist and musician from Lusaka. Single with a daughter, she is currently looking to further her studies. She entered Big Brother because it’s something she’s always seen herself doing. “I have been trying to enter Big Brother since I was 21,” she says. “It looks fun, but it’s clear to see that only the strong personalities and characters go far”.

Her proudest achievement is making it into the Big Brother house, because she has always known it would be the biggest step she would make toward reaching her goals and realising her dreams.

Cleo describes herself as “friendly, loud, caring, blatant and loyal”, citing her favourite qualities as her patience, tact, obedience, domestication, humility and respect. She dislikes backstabbers, liars, immaturity and disrespectfulness and promises viewers “a lot of realness, a bit of comedy, a lot of singing and rapping, a lot of ME to the fullest”.

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