Psychology Student , 22


Windhoek-born Dillish is a third year Psychology student with a passion for seafood. She describes herself as “caring, fun, troublesome, loving and adventurous”. Dillish says her best quality is the fact that she’s “very real and straightforward”. She values caring and considerate people and dislikes those who are selfish and lazy.

She entered Big Brother because she’s been a fan of the show for some time and promised herself that she would enter as soon as she was old enough. Dillish says it’s a bit scary to know that Africa will be watching her 24/7, but says she’s excited to share her private life and lifestyle with the continent.

Dillish says the best thing about Africa is the diverse cultures and “our unity”. Her favourite place in Namibia is Swakopmund and says even though she hasn’t travelled much, a trip to Nigeria last year was “the best ever”. Her grandfather is her role model. “He raised my mom and five of his grandchildren – including myself. He is my hero,” she says.

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