Evictions: Keagan & Keitta Shocked By Kyle
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 20:15
Evictions: Keagan & Keitta Shocked By Kyle
"Keagan I saved your a*se," Kyle said after dilly dallying during the Live Eviction Show.

Keagan was very vocal when IK asked Kyle to reveal to his Housemates what he had done. "Stand in the centre and look us in the eye," he shouted.

Kyle beat about the bush talking about how close he was to three of the nominated Housemates but could only save and replace one of them.

Meanwhile, before Kyle made his revelation, IK asked Jannette what she thought her countrymate had done as Head of House. Jannette played soothsayer and swore that Kyle had swapped Alex for Talia.

Well, Jannette it looks like your soothsayer powers have run dry.

Keitta seemed very shocked that Kyle had put his head on the Eviction block. "Kyle you saved Keagan and put me?," he asked as he went around giving handshakes and man hugs.

Kyle Finally Blurts it Out!

Africa, what did you do?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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