Diary Room: Shaking Like a Leaf
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 17:40
Diary Room: Shaking Like a Leaf
It obviously hasn't clicked to Wati that if he survives tonight's Eviction, he will be in the finals.

During his Nominations Diary session, Wati told Biggie that should he survive tonight's dagger he will know that he has lots of fans and will definitely not change his game.

As Head of House for next week, Wati said he will not expect his fellow Housemates to have any hard feelings towards him when he reveals who he decided to put up for possible Eviction next Sunday. "They must understand that it's just a game,' Wati said.

Meanwhile, Prezzo started his session with Biggie in song; "Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see sometimes these Nominations just hypnotize me." The Masai warrior, as he refers to himself, didn't beat about the bush in relating how tough being nominated is. "It's getting to me now," he confessed.

He added that he hopes and prays that Africa had his back. One of his fondest memories in the House will have to be sitting in the garden with evicted Nigerian VIP Goldie, his argument with South Africa's Barbz, amongst others which only involved the original Upvillers.

As for serial Nominee Lady May, no amount of being nominated has hardened her to this situation. "Every day is a different day, I would love to survive today," Lady May said. She told Biggie that being saved by Africa so many times didn't guarantee her immunity for tonight.

Lady May said she had adopted a policy of not thinking too much about her fate when it comes to the Evictions.

Will He Survive?

Only Africa knows what Africa has done so only time will tell!

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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