News: Getting In On The Action
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 16:30
News: Getting In On The Action
After all of the Nominees got themselves glam new hairdos courtesy of the Organics Root Stimulator ‘Incredible Hair Crew’ the non-nominated refused to be left behind and they too got private primping.

First in line was the Head of House Kyle who had the resident StarGame barber Keagan working his magic hands on is mane. The South African who is a fan of crazy hairstyles gave his StarGame buddy a hair trim with intricate detailing. Interestingly Kyle happens to be the reason that Keagan is guaranteed another week inside of the Big Brother House as the Ugandan saved the South African from the Eviction Chop and replaced him with Keitta. Keagan still has no idea for now as he believes that Kyle saved Alex.

As for Keitta his StarGame intuition has been right on the money as the Ghanaian has expressed more than once that he has a gut feeling that Kyle has put him up for possible Eviction. The self-loving male model spent the better portion of his Sunday afternoon getting his Afro dreadlocked by Talia.

Speaking of Talia, the Zambian also gave herself a whole new look. The StarGame cutie took out her long flowing weave and rocked her natural afro. Little Jannette was the only one who didn’t get in on the action.

Clearly she is now giving her mane a rest after finally shedding the infamous Goldie wig that she donned for a few days after the Nigerian singer's departure.

Barber House

By Lihle

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