Catch Up: What A Crazy Week!
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 15:30
Catch Up: What A Crazy Week!
Did you not get your daily fix of Big Brother Africa this week? No worries, here we bring to you all the juicy tidbits that will quench your StarGame thirst.

This week got off to a turbulent start when the Eviction guillotine aimed straight for Goldie’s head. Donned in one of her usual OTT (over the top) glam outfits the Nigerian Starmate bid an emotional farewell to StarGame. Her exit brought with it a dramatic ending to StarGame’s most tumultuous couple, PreGo, as right before her departure Goldie and her estranged beau Prezzo had a stormy lovers tiff.

At first it seemed that the Kenyan was relieved to finally be a free man but after a few days the loneliness started to get the best of him and he then dropped a bombshell on Talia when he revealed to the Zambian that he was planning on asking Big Brother for a voluntary exit. Luckily the Upville lass was able to persuade him to stay in the game.

But for how long will he remain in the House that remains to be seen as the rapper and Lady May garnered the highest number of Nominations from their fellow Housemates, which put them on the Eviction chopping block for the third consecutive week. This led to the Namibian confessing to Biggie that she has a feeling her fellow Housemate don't like her much. Her suspicions were confirmed when she caught her Housemates gossiping about her on two separate occasions.

With Goldie gone, Kyle was appointed the Head of House, which lead to a surprising turn of things when the Ugandan used his ‘Save and Replace’ power to save Keagan and replaced him with just the night before Keitta, this despite the fact that Keagan revealed that he had put him up for Eviction.

The Housemates got a much needed distraction from all of the drama in the House when Zimbabwe’s DJ Kool Moe Dee hit the ones and twos at their carnival themed party. Even with a lack of alcohol in the House the Upvillers had a visibly great time.

For the Task this week the Housemates caught a bit of the Olympic fever that is sweeping the rest of the world as they enjoyed a variety of Coca-Cola Games including boat racing, table tennis, Coca-Cola tower building and tug of war. The StarGamer’s once again managed to bag another 100% Wager victory in this week’s Task.

Well there you have all the dirt on the StarGamer's. What was your favourite moment this week?

By Lihle

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