News: A Hairy Sunday
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 13:00
News: A Hairy Sunday
On this beautiful sunny afternoon Sunday the Nominees spent the day getting primped for this tonight’s Evictions.

The Organics Root Stimulator ‘Incredible Hair Crew’ marched onto the garden bright and early today to set up their make shift salon. Lady May was first on the scene and soon after one by one the rest of the Nominees trickled in for their turn to have the stylists work their magic on them. Kyle and Talia also joined the Nominees for moral support. As she watched Nominees getting their hair done, the Zambian dame confessed to Wati, “I am jealous of your hair it is so thick and dark.” The Malawian got his Afro braided while the rest of the lads got a hair trim and including Keagan who does not yet know that he is no longer on the Nomination list got a daring mohawk with SA etched on the side of his head. Lady May settled for her usual pinkish-reddish weave.

As the saying goes when you look good, you feel good and these crop of StarGamers certainly need all the help that they can get to brighten up their moods as they prepare to face an emotional night where they will bid farewell to one of their own.

Prezzidential Cut

By Lihle

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