News: Jannette The Stripper
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 10:30
News: Jannette The Stripper
Well, well, well what do we have here? It looks like frisky little Jannette is back to her old provocative ways.

The Jannette of Downville was certainly the most frolicsome of all of the StarGamers. Like a sexy beast that just could not be tamed this petite lass was always on the prowl for men, often switching with ease between her roles as the demure dame by day and the man eater by night. But ever since she moved into Upville it looked like she had left her wild ways behind her. But of course this is the Big Brother House and looks are definitely always deceiving as Jannette proved this morning.

The Ugandan dancer gave boys quite the eyeful when she put on display her raunchiest of moves as she gyrated her hips and shook her little booty on top of the bed. This saucy routine was sparked on by a conversation that the Housemates were having about strippers and the Upville lass shared her puzzlement at why these women were always big buxom babes. "The girls are always so big," mused the StarGame lass.

Clearly the petite cutie wanted to dispel this stereotype once and for all by proving that tiny ladies know how to work it just as much as their curvaceous counterparts. After all they do say dynamite comes in small packages.

Work it girl

By Lihle

Is the Ugandan looking for a backup plan for her career outside the Big Brother House?

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