News: Party Aftermath
Sun, 22 Jul 2012 11:30
News: Party Aftermath
After a night of hard partying last night most of the Housemates chose to spend a large portion of this sunny Sunday morning curled up in bed in an attempt to recharge their systems.

Rest and relaxation is certainly much needed by these Stargamers as tonight is the night of the dreaded Eviction chop where Africa will bid farewell to at least one StarGamer by the end of the evening.

The pressure of being faced with the prospect of getting booted out of the House at this stage of the game, when the end is so near, is surely too much for anyone to take one but alas this is the dilemma that this week's Nominees are faced with. Even for the Housemates that are not on the chopping block tonight will be a bittersweet night indeed because on the one hand they are grateful to still be in the running for the USD 300 000 but on the flipside of the coin it is heart wrenching to have to say goodbye to another good friend that you have shared so much with over the past 11 weeks.

As Keitta put it a few nights ago, ‘Tonight’s Evictions are going to be one of the most emotional.” We certainly couldn’t agree with you more Keitta. Later on tonight Kyle will be dropping a bombshell on Keitta when he reveals that he placed the Ghanaian on the Eviction guillotine in order to save Keagan. We wonder how the StarGame lad will take the news he certainly did not take it too well last time he was used as an Eviction scapegoat by Goldie who put the male model up for Eviction in order to save her then boyfriend Prezzo.

This is why the Housemates are recuperating this morning.

By Lihle

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