Party: Rock On!
Sat, 21 Jul 2012 22:49
Party: Rock On!
You would have sworn there was a river of alcohol in the House tonight.

After waiting hours for the party to kick off, the Housemates danced like they were possessed. Perhaps releasing some tension before tomorrow's nail biter of an Eviction Show? We think so.

The theme for this week's party was 'Rio Carnival' and the Housemates certainly looked the part. Brazil is synonymous with not only the Carnival, but is also quite well known for what you are most likely to see there; gorgeous beach bodies.

Our sexy Housemates strutted their stuff in tiny dresses and glittery waistcoats, as Zimbabwe's DJ Kool Moe Dee dropped the best Hip Hop and House tunes out right now. Keagan and Keitta found the nearest mirror and danced in time to the awesome tunes coming out of the DJ Booth.

Party On

It’s amazing that the Housemates are able to have this much fun with not even a bottle of alcohol in sight!

- By NgettyD

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