News: Prezzo's Sliced Butt Cheek
Sat, 21 Jul 2012 18:09
News: Prezzo's Sliced Butt Cheek
Prezzo revealed how one of his butt cheeks was sliced, ages ago.

Prezzo is proving to be a kind of comedian in the House, in DKB's absence. This afternoon, the Kenyan told the girls how one of his butt cheeks was sliced up, so it always looks like his pants sag. This revelation came during a conversation the girls were having about men and how they wear their pants.

"I really don't like it when men sag their pants. Why do you guys do it?" Talia inquired. Little Jannette on the other hand revealed how she does not mind her man sagging his pants. "It's alright if his jeans sag just a bit. Don't go the full way and have your pants right under your butt," she said.

The girls then hipped Prezzo up to some of the weird guys that have approached them.

Walk Like Thug

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