News: StarGame Pranksters
Fri, 20 Jul 2012 23:10
News: StarGame Pranksters
What is it about the combination of Keagan and Keitta together that just brings out the inner child in them?

If the Housemates got fines for disturbing the peace then these two rowdy lads would be facing some hefty penalties indeed. Late into the night two of StarGame’s three musketeers went around the House interrupting their fellow StarGamers from their peaceful rest.

They first intruded on Jannette and Prezzo’s heart to heart session and they then woke up both Lady May and Alex who were sound asleep. In each room they barged in on the Housemates as if there was something urgent happening, they pretended to be in a frenzy muttering inaudible phrases at them while rushing them out of bed.

So what exactly was the point of all of this hullaballoo? Nothing more than good laugh for the boys at their fellow Housemate’s expense.

Naughty, naughty

By Lihle

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