News: Keagan’s Annoying Drinking Habits
Fri, 20 Jul 2012 22:30
News: Keagan’s Annoying Drinking Habits
Have you ever found yourself on a chilly winter’s night sitting down on the couch to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee when all of a sudden there is a loud slurping sound resonates from the person sitting next to you? This was the predicament that the Upvillers found themselves in this evening.

The Housemates gathered in the living room today to try and warm up after spending a little time in the soaking in the lukewarm jaccuzi. The guys and girls were all enjoying some hot chocolate when all of a sudden Keagan starting obnoxiously slurping on his beverage. If looks could kill then the StarGamer’s icy stares would have pierced right through the South African. “My ears are bleeding,” Wati complained. But it was clear that Kyle was the most annoyed out of them all, “Do you think that is funny?” he snipped sarcastically.

Unfortunately for them their protestations fell on deaf ears as Keagan continued on with his annoying habits and seemed to enjoying just how much he was getting on everyone’s nerves. Seriously some people should come with a mute button for moments like these.

How obnoxious can you get?

By Lihle

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