News: No More Three Musketeers?
Fri, 20 Jul 2012 20:10
News: No More Three Musketeers?
The dreaded Eviction chop is now only two days away and for some of the Nominees it is clear that is all that is on their mind lately.

This evening Wati, Keagan and Keitta, or the three musketeers as Prezzo likes to call them, were gathered in the garden when the subject of Eviction came about. From their conversation it is evident that all of them are trembling in their boots at the thought of getting axed from StarGame at this stage of the game.

“I am going home,” proclaimed Wati but Keagan quickly encouraged his friend to have faith and that it is ultimately in the hands of Africa and it is anybody’s guess who will eventually be sent home this Sunday. The South African added, “It could be me that is going home”. But little does he know that his Head of House, Kyle, ensured him another week in the House when he removed him from the list of Nominees and replaced him with Keitta. Which is great news for the South African but quite unfortunate for the Ghanaian.

This means that there are still two of the three close friends that are up for possible Eviction this Sunday and one of them could be the one that is sent to Homeville. Could this Sunday be the end of StarGame’s mischievous three musketeers?

By Lihle

Headed to Homeville?

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