News: Lady May vs Lady May
Fri, 20 Jul 2012 19:15
News: Lady May vs Lady May
It is clear that Lady May does not need any accompany to keep amused, this little lady is entertainment unto herself.

Over the past few weeks we have become accustomed to seeing the Namibian shunning the other Housemates in favour of her own company. So it was no surprise to see her in solitude once again today but what did raise our eyebrows is seeing the Starmate facing off against her own self.

While most normal people would choose to challenge one of the many people in the House for a two person game of Solitaire the same kind of logic does not apply to Lady May, the Namibian chose to face off against her own self. Oh well, at least she already knows who the winner will be – Lady May of course.

By Lihle

CLICK HERE and vote to keep Wati, Keitta, Lady May, Alex or Prezzo. in the game.

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