News: Keitta and Jannette Winding and Grinding
Fri, 20 Jul 2012 18:10
News: Keitta and Jannette Winding and Grinding
The Housemates had a raunchy start to their Friday evening as Keitta and Jannette put on a show for them.

The duo put the best foot forward, literally, as the frisky Ugandan gave Keitta a one on one lesson on how to wind and grind while the rest of the Upvillers looked on and cheered for them. Unfortunately for them their height difference made things a little difficult for them but of course they did not let that get in their way. Where there is a will there is a way and so the petite StarGame lass hopped on the bed while the Ghanaian lad held onto her from behind. When that failed to accomplish the mission she then pulled a chest of drawers and leapt on top of it.

As always bad boy Keagan tried to instigate a little mischief, “Move closer,” he repeatedly told the two. You certainly can always count on Keagan to try and stir things up. But it seems that the dirty dancing started to get a little bit much for the South African as he then jokingly queried: “Do you know your mother is watching?”

Wind for me

Good question Keagan, but actually what we really want to know is, is Mildred watching this? Hmmm…

By Lihle

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