Daybreak: Alex Pranked!
Fri, 20 Jul 2012 09:00
Daybreak: Alex Pranked!
The boys came together for an elaborate prank, which had Alex reeling.

Last night, the boys were in a great mood following their Task Victory. With a festive atmosphere permeating the air, Keagan, Wati, Keitta, Kyle and Prezzo decided to steal Alex's mattress.

The Kenyan, who was engrossed in a conversation in the lounge with Jannette, had absolutely no idea what was happening just above him. The boys stripped the bed of its bed linen, shuttled the mattress to the other room and then made the bed.

There was lots of mischievous laughter and scrambling, as Alex made his way up the stairs. When he finally attempted to settle in for a long night of peaceful sleep, he found a huge surprise waiting for him.


It certainly is great to see the boys getting on so well.

- By NgettyD

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