News: Lady May’s Peculiar Grooming Habits
Thu, 19 Jul 2012 23:40
News: Lady May’s Peculiar Grooming Habits
StarGame’s queen of eccentricity, Lady May, was up to her strange shenanigans again this evening.

While the other Housemates were downstairs enjoying a spirited game of table tennis the Namibian chose to hideout in the bedroom for a little me time. It was during this time that the songstress displayed some peculiar grooming habits. While most people prefer to do their shaving in the shower or in the bathroom or at the very least while sitting or standing, this kind of general etiquette clearly does not apply to the Starmate.

Instead the songstress chose to her shaving in bed, while under the covers might we add. What plausible reason could she have had to even attempt this act questionable grooming? Well, because she is Lady May and that’s just how she rolls. Seriously with this zany lady there is just never a shortage of ‘Oh No She Didn’t’ moments.

What are you doing Lady May?

By Lihle

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