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Thu, 19 Jul 2012 21:50
News: Play On
It seems as if the Olympic fever that has grappled the rest of the world might have found its way into the Big Brother House.

Although this week’s Coca-Cola Games Task came to a victorious end earlier this evening the Housemates still had not had enough. Straight after their Task Presentation the Upville lads took to the ping pong table for some friendly competition.

A little bit earlier on Big Brother announced the individual winners of this week’s games. In this week’s challenges Keitta came out tops not once but twice, first in tic tac toe and then in table tennis. The other winners were Prezzo, Keagan and Talia. The Kenyan won the boat race challenge while the South African and the Zambian were the male and female winners of the tug of war challenge.

By Lihle

Game Time

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