Task: Reasons To Believe In Africa
Thu, 19 Jul 2012 20:47
Task: Reasons To Believe In Africa
What makes you proudly African? This was the underlying question that the Housemates had answer in today’s Task Presentation.

One by one the Housemates belted out the national anthems of their respective countries. While some chirped melodically like African hummingbirds others like Alex struggled to keep in tune and stammered repeatedly.

After the anthems the StarGamers then had to partake in the One Billion Reasons To Believe In Africa challenge. Humility and great entertainment were among the most popular themes. Both Jannette and Talia chose to highlight the humility of African people in their speeches. “African people are very welcoming,” said the Ugandan. Kyle and Keitta beamed proudly as they waxed lyrical about the many talented artists the continent has, fellow StarGamer Prezzo got a few mentions from the boys.

Their efforts in this today’s Presentation and in all of the challenges of this week’s ‘Coca-Cola Games’ Task paid off generously as the Housemates once again walked away from their Presentation victorious. Hmmm… maybe we should start calling Upville, Winnerville as these Housemates seem to have this 100% Wager in the bag. But for how long?

One billion reasons to believe in Africa

By Lihle

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