News: Sexy, Semi-Naked Gyrating
Wed, 18 Jul 2012 21:54
News: Sexy, Semi-Naked Gyrating
A near-naked Lady May entertained herself in the bedroom.

As her fellow Housemates busied themselves with chatter and a bit of work on their blankets for charity, Lady May headed upstairs, stripped down to her black knickers and jumped on her bed.

The diminutive Namibian songstress, who likes nothing more than to spend time by her lonesome, jumped around like a kid on a trampoline, as she watched her reflection on one of the bedroom mirrors.

Lady May writhed in time to the beat, showing off some sexy dance moves and more than just a bit of flesh.

The Namibian did not seem as though she needed any company and her facial expressions were as childlike as we have come to expect from Lady May.


- By NgettyD

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