Diary Room: No Hard Feelings!
Wed, 18 Jul 2012 16:40
Diary Room: No Hard Feelings!
Keitta still can't shake off his thoughts of being up for possible Eviction this week.

During his Diary session, he told Biggie that he had done the entire math and it left just him but he had no hard feelings about it.

Though Keitta was not nominated on Monday, Kyle saved Keagan and put the Ghanaian model in his stead. "He put me because I have a strong personality," he said.

Meanwhile, Lady May said she had noticed a change in the guys since the alcohol ban. "They are not misbehaving, they are joking and very energetic," she said.

However, she insisted that the alcohol ban didn't make her happy because she knew the guys didn't like it; "I can't be happy for someone's unhappiness. I wish everybody can be happy," she said.

Meanwhile Keagan tried his luck with Biggie, calling for Biggie to lift the alcohol ban but in not so many words, Biggie made him realize that he was pushing it.


Do you think Biggie will lift the alcohol ban any time soon?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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