Task: Boat Race
Tue, 17 Jul 2012 19:20
Task: Boat Race
This evening the Housemates braved the cold weather to take part in a boat race.

This mini challenge put to the test the Housemates strength and skill, in the garden the StarGamers found a miniature red river that Coca Cola and Big Brother had assembled, for Housemates to race their boats in. The challenge called upon each Housemate to use their might to turn the handle of the propeller to make the boat go forward to the end of the course.

Halfway through the mini Task Kyle broke off the handle of the propeller. Who knew Kyle was so strong? Hmmm… underneath that cool exterior is there a mighty hunk waiting to burst free? From now on we’ll be keeping a closer watch on this StarGame lad.

The Race Is On

As for the race it was part of this week’s Coca-Cola Games Task for which the Housemates have Wagered 100%. Do you think it is wise of the Housemates to once again put it all on the line?

By Lihle

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