Diary Room: "They Don't Like Me" - Lady May
Tue, 17 Jul 2012 14:21
Diary Room:
Lady May has a feeling her fellow Housemate don't like her much.

Lady May's name popped up on this week's Nominees list. The Namibian Housemate has survived Eviction twice in a row already. Today, the heartbroken singer sat down for a chat with Big Brother and told him how her presence in the House seems to annoy everybody.

"I know now that most of them don't like me. I was not surprised when my name was called. I was not surprised, but obviously I was hurt. I'm human," she said.

Lady May then complained about Keagan not pulling his weight when it comes to keeping the House clean. Prezzo washed the dishes, while Keagan headed upstairs to take a nap. Keagan and the other boys let the dishes pile up in the sink, even before Prezzo finished cleaning up. Please talk to them Biggie,"she said.

Keagan, on the other hand, seemed to find the cleaning thing funny. "I don't feel like cleaning and will not be, anytime soon," he said.

The South African Housemate then ran a commentary on the state of every room and rated each from one to ten.

Nominated again

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