News: Prezzo Does The Dishes
Tue, 17 Jul 2012 10:09
News: Prezzo Does The Dishes
Prezzo rolled up his sleeves and did some dish washing, this morning.

What do we have here? The Masai warrior, who has confessed to not being the most domesticated of men, surprised all and sundry when he made the sink his friend.

The Kenyan Housemate tidied the clutter on the kitchen counter and collected all the dirty dishes. He then spent a good 30 minutes washing, rinsing and drying.

Lady May is the chief dishwasher, after homemaker Goldie was Evicted on Sunday night.

The Namibian lass and the other StarGame girls, will no doubt have more time to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep. Looks like a bit of that Goldie magic has rubbed off on Prezzo.

Cleaning Up

- By NgettyD

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