Daybreak: Upville vs Downville!
Tue, 17 Jul 2012 09:13
Daybreak: Upville vs Downville!
Where will our StarGame winner come from? Upville or Downville?

It seems Keagan and the origional Downville gang's hopes of taking over StarGame, have most certainly come to pass. Lady May and Prezzo are the only origional Upvillers still in the running for the USD 300 000 prize.

After a grueling 72 days in the game, the celebrity pair are still holding on, despite the Downville invasion. Prezzo, who was reduced to tears just last week, after the Downville invasion became too much for him, seems to be trying to adjust to the shift in power.

The Kenyan rapper has been spending most of his time with the boys, entertaining them with jokes and such. Namibia's Lady May, who is a recluse of sorts, has also warmed up to the girls.

Last night however, Prezzo and Lady May spent some quality time and reminisced on days of old.

The big question on everyone's lips though is; will our winner come from Upville or Downville?

Quality time

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