Diary Room: Prezzo Bashes Goldie
Mon, 16 Jul 2012 16:30
Diary Room: Prezzo Bashes Goldie
It has barely been a day since Goldie was Evicted from StarGame but already it is clear that Prezzo has taken on an out of sight of mind outlook towards his former StarGame lover.

“The most important people that anyone can take away from me are not here,” he dished to Biggie. Wow how quickly things change in the Big Brother House, just last week Monday Kenyan professed his love to Goldie and told her, “I am glad that you made it through tonight. I couldn’t make it in this House without you.” But all of that is a thing of the past as today the self-proclaimed Masai warrior called himself a one-man army when Biggie asked him how he feels about being in the House without Goldie.

During his diary session this afternoon the rapper was full of nothing but criticisms for the Nigerian. According to him she was never woman enough to ever accept responsibility when she is in the wrong and their heated confrontation yesterday in which the rapper repeatedly swore at the singer was completely her fault.

The Kenyan also claimed that the songstress was just playing a game and not being genuine with him. “It’s sad because for me I was actually open and honest with her. I was always there for her.” Were you really always open and honest with her Prezzo? Have you already forgotten about all the times that you gossiped about Goldie to your buddies Keitta and DKB? Prezzo's criticism of Goldie seem suspiciously like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Out of sight,out of mind

By Lihle

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