Nominations: Prezzo, Lady May We Want You Out
Mon, 16 Jul 2012 12:35
Nominations: Prezzo, Lady May We Want You Out
If there was ever any doubts on anyone's mind about which Housemates are least liked by their fellow StarGamers, today’s Nominations should have cleared those doubts once and for all.

Before it seemed as if Prezzo was just being paranoid when he accused the former Downvillers of gunning for the original Upvillers but now it looks like his intuition was right on the money. It is now crystal clear that the StarGamers want Prezzo and Lady May out and will not rest until they have had their way, for the third consecutive week the celebrity Housemates have garnered the most Nominations.

According to the majority Prezzo is two faced and Lady May is unfriendly. “She is not playing the game. She has this wall around her and it is not fair to Africa and not fair to the other Housemates,” complained Keagan about the Namibian. Kyle also shared Keagan's sentiments, saying: “We are a family, we are supposed to live like a family but she isolates herself.”

As for Prezzo, the Housemates refuse to fall for his sudden change of heart towards them now that he has been left without an ally in the House. “Why is he choosing to hang with us only now,” Alex asked rhetorically. “He is two sided,” hissed Wati.

These are the Nominations:
Prezzo – 6
Lady May – 5
Keagan – 2
Alex – 2
Wati – 2

Lady Unfriendly and Mr Two Sided

So far the two have been able to escape the clutches of Eviction but will they be able to survive another week on the chopping block?

By Lihle

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