Catch Up: The Game Gets Tough!
Sun, 15 Jul 2012 16:40
Catch Up: The Game Gets Tough!
Cute couple Junia and Malonza were booted out of StarGame, which saw Kyle, Lady May, Goldie and Prezzo surviving the Eviction dagger.

The sad part was that the guys didn't approve of Malonza and Junia's relationship, not even his brother Alex. The gents discussed all the girls that Malonza has been with in StarGame; "He used to kiss Edith and sleep next to her," Keagan chimed in. "And then there was Jannette," Kyle added.

Most importantly though was the guys decision to battle it out with Prezzo. The pressure is definitely on in the House and we saw ex Downvillers fighting against each other in Kyle and Keitta as well as Talia and Keitta.

Then it was time for Nominations and everybody but Talia put Lady May up but Prezzo and his girl Goldie were equally unpopular as well as Keagan. Well, Keagan had the liberty to save himself and he put Kyle's head on the block. This means Goldie, Prezzo, Lady May and Kyle are up for possible Eviction tonight.

Wati's alcohol ban was lifted on Monday but it looks like Biggie was too quick as the next drinking session Wati had one too many again.

Kyle had a go at Prezzo to Alex, claiming that he was not even famous, "maybe he is popular, but not famous," Kyle insisted. Well, it looks like he enjoyed chatting to him about the music industry later though.

The Week's Task was Superheroes versus Villains where the Housemates had to battle it out against the villains.

That's not all they had to deal with though, the news of Big Brother's kidnapping came as a shock and they had to deal with Bad Brother for the week and try and rescue Big Brother.

Maybe the game was getting too heated for the self-acclaimed Masai warrior who was seen weeping in the Diary Room on Tuesday as the Downvillers were getting on his nerves.

At the end of the Week, the Superheroes managed to rescue Big Brother and it was fun all the way. In the wee hours of the morning the Big Brother House resembled a scene taken straight out of a horror movie as the Housemates gathered in the dark for a séance. It was Friday the 13th.

Once that was out of the way, it was time to battle it out for the most coveted role of HoH. With a balancing test of endurance, the contenders fell one by one and it was Goldie who emerged as next Week's Head of House.

The Housemates were in high spirits on Friday night and they played games and danced provocatively as the guys watched in awe. Lady May also loosened up a bit and was all over the place, playing with the Downvillers.

To close the Week, the Housemates had a masquerade themed party with DJ Blue from Liberia.

Tonight we see Lady May, Goldie, Prezzo or Kyle walking out of StarGame for good. Who will it be?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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