Punishment: Keagan And Wati Reprimanded
Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:50
Punishment: Keagan And Wati Reprimanded
The wrath of Big Brother’s fury fell upon Keagan and Wati this afternoon.

Biggie has finally had it with all of the drunken antics in the House, today he came down hard on Keagan and Wati for their irresponsible drinking habits. “You have left Big Brother no choice, and quite frankly Big Brother has had enough,” he scolded just before he laid out the punishment.

One by one, Biggie broke down each of the transgressions that the twosome had committed. He chastised Keagan for influencing Wati to smash soft-drink cans against the wall which led to one of the mirrors getting cracked. In his drunken state Keagan broke the laundry hanger, struck Keitta with the cable of is microphone and tampered with the fire safety equipment. All of these actions constitute malicious damage to Big Brother property which is a direct contravention of the House Rules.

The Housemates have been handed the following punishment:
1. Wati is permanently banned from drinking for the duration of his stay in the Big Brother House.
2. There will be NO alcohol entering the House for the WHOLE of next week and any Housemates who order alcohol on their shopping budget will forfeit their stars.

After announcing their penalty Biggie then gave a stern warning to the troublesome twosome that should they continue to vandalise Big Brother property then they will be automatically Nominated for Eviction and will be stripped of their rights to Nominate any of the other Housemates.

To end off the reprimanding he cautioned all of the Housemates that if any of them engages in actions that endanger their fellow StarGamers lives they will be disqualified.

Big Brother Punishment

Hopefully these Housemates have learned their lesson, don't mess with Biggie.

By Lihle

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