News: Stealing Bad Brother's Clothes
Thu, 12 Jul 2012 23:07
News: Stealing Bad Brother's Clothes
Kyle and Alex stripped Bad Brother down to the bare minimums and stole his clothes.

Kyle and Alex slipped out of the House and into the garden for a little spot of vandalism. The two Housemates broke Bad Brother's arms and stole his shirt. Alex put the shirt to his nose and exclaimed "This shirt belongs to somebody. It smells of alcohol". That realisation however, did not stop him from throwing it on.

Kyle, on the other hand, went to work with a screw driver and pounded away, hoping to inherit Bad Brother's dungarees. He seemed to have a bit of difficulty pulling the dungarees off.

Was Bad Brother putting up final resistance in the afterlife, following an intense battle earlier that evening?

Keagan then intervened and told the two Housemates Big Brother was not happy with their late night session.

Robbing Biggz

- By NgettyD

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