Diary Room: The Division is Clear Now!
Thu, 12 Jul 2012 16:00
Diary Room: The Division is Clear Now!
The invisible division line between the ex Downvillers and the Upvillers is getting clearer.

During the Diary sessions, Talia said the Upvillers were feeling left out. "There's evidently a separation. We were actually getting to know each other until the Nominations," Talia said.

The Zambian Housemate made an example of last night when the VIPs retired to bed early and left the House to the ex Downvillers to run.

Meanwhile, Kyle has his eyes set on the money and he says he likes the way his initial partner Jannette is playing the game. "She's real. This is the girl I've known for four years, she's doing her thing," he bragged.

As for Lady May, she stuck to the elements of the Task and old Evil Big Brother point blank that she would kill him tonight.

She went on to brag about all the ammunition she has lined up for the battle.

Will the Upvillers reclaim their position in their House or should they just give up and focus on playing the game?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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