Diary Room: I Have to Get Rid of Keagan
Thu, 12 Jul 2012 14:20
Diary Room: I Have to Get Rid of Keagan
Prezzo wants to get rid of Keagan as soon as possible and his first target is winning HoH.

During his Diary session, he called Keagan the general with the rest of the ex Downvillers as his subjects. "It would be a much better place without the general. He runs every little nerve I have in my body," Prezzo said sternly.

He said the whole Operation Takeover Upville (OTU) was just a dream and Keagan and his crew would not win this.

Keagan said he didn't really care if he won Head of House again. "People will kill each other on this Task," Keagan said about the HoH Task. He noted that most of the Housemates had started seeing the value in being HoH because of the Eviction immunity.

Meanwhile, Prezzo said Keagan thinks he is ten steps ahead of everyone in Upville. "People think they run this place yet they found me here," Prezzo bragged.

He added that at the same time being HoH gives one a big head. "I might give it a chance while I still can," he said.

Keagan This, Keagan That!

Who will win the suddenly highly coveted post of Head of House tomorrow?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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