Diary Room: Prezzo’s Meltdown
Tue, 10 Jul 2012 16:10
Diary Room: Prezzo’s Meltdown
StarGame’s self-proclaimed Masai warrior broke down in tears today during his diary session.

It seems as if the tension in the House has got the best of the Kenyan. “I have so much anger in my heart,” said a trembling Prezzo while trying to hold back his tears.

Ever since the Housemates were all merged things have changed in Upville as the rowdy Downvillers brought along with them chaos and disorderliness. This disorder has been the main source of division between the former Downvillers and the original Upvillers.

Today it finally all become too much for the rapper to handle and he was overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. The Kenyan expressed to Biggie that it has taken a lot of restraint on his part to not react violently to what he feels is a lack of respect being displayed by some of the other Housemates towards him and his girl Goldie. For this Big Brother commended the Kenyan and encouraged him to continue practise self-control as Biggie has zero tolerance for violence in the House.

It has become clear that the unruly Keagan is the bane of Prezzo’s existence. Once again the Starmate waxed lyrical about his disdain for the way that some of the other Housemates seem to worship the South African. “When the general says jump they ask how high,” he snipped sarcastically.

Big Brother then queried the celebrity Housemate over whether he and the other celeb Housemates had tried to sit down with the former Downvilllers and air out their differences. But the incensed rapper did not want to hear of peace talks. He quipped: “You’re wasting your breath by confronting someone who is a few screws loose.”

It’s clear that Prezzo has reached a boiling point but for everyone’s sake we sincerely hope that the Kenyan will continue to show restraint and not do anything that he might regret. Hang in there Prezzo.

By Lihle

A broken man

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