News: Drunk Wati Demands More Booze
Tue, 10 Jul 2012 12:05
News: Drunk Wati Demands More Booze
Just like Oliver Twist, Wati wants some more but instead of food to fill up a hungry belly it is alcohol that the young StarGamer is craving.

After spending the entire night and early morning drinking like a fish, the Malawian still had not had enough and after his own alcohol stash ran out he turned his attention to the girls' booze. The entire time Keagan played the instigator, egging on the Malawian to push the girls to give him the booze.

Unfortunately for Wati, Talia was on hand to make sure that he did not get a single drop of the ladies’ liquor. “Don’t even think about it,” said Talia sternly.

The Upville lad got increasingly angry with the Zambian for denying him alcohol and started spewing profanities at her. He turned his attention to Jannette’s bag which had a bottle of alcohol in it but Talia was not having it “You are really starting to make me get pissed,” she warned. Talia woke up Jannette to let her know what was going on. “Wati please don’t disturb me I am not giving you alcohol,” said the soft spoken Ugandan.

Realising that he was not going to get his way with the ladies and it was futile to continue try he then stormed out of the room still muttering profanities at the girls.

It was not so long ago that Big Brother banned the Malawian from drinking. Not even a day after the ban was lifted it is already clear that he still just does not know when enough is enough.

Give me, give me

Could it be that Wati has a drinking problem or is he just a spoilt brat?

By Lihle

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