News: Comforting Goldie
Mon, 09 Jul 2012 21:33
News: Comforting Goldie
Right on cue, Goldie was hit by an anxiety attack after she found out she is Nominated for possible Eviction this week.

Talia and Jannette quickly rushed to the Nigerian's side and tried to give her a pep talk. The girls told her she is strong and people will most likely save her. "Don't worry about anything girl. You are strong," the girls said.

Goldie was still not convinced and asked the girls what she had done to deserve a Nomination. "What have I done to people in this House? Who have I offended?"

Talia and Jannette quickly reminded Goldie that this is a game after all and should always remember that and not take things to heart.

Freaking Out

- By NgettyD

Kyle, Lady May, Goldie and Prezzo are up for Eviction this week. CLICK HERE to vote and keep your favourite Housemate in StarGame.

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