Prezzo Gunning For Keagan, Keitta And Wati
Sun, 08 Jul 2012 19:20
Prezzo Gunning For Keagan, Keitta And Wati
The battle lines have been drawn in Upville as an epic StarGame war threatens to forever change the dynamics in the Big Brother House.

If Prezzo’s explosive words during his diary session this afternoon are to believed, if the rapper survives Evictions tonight then Keagan, Keitta and Wati need to suit up their armour come next week. “I am going to take down the three musketeers one by one,” warned the Kenyan.

The celebrity Housemate believes that the threesome have it in for the original Upvillers and have secretly been plotting to get rid of the Starmates so that the only people left in the Big Brother House are all from Downville. According to the StarGame lad Keagan is the ring leader of this plot, that he described as Operation Take Over Upville.

The Kenyan did not mince his words at all as he shared his contempt for the South African’s different persona ever since the Housemates were all merged. “He is the shepherd, they just give him the power and do whatever he says.”

The paranoid rapper made it clear that he will not just standby and allow this coup d'état, to ever materialise. “No more Mr Nice Guy,” he cautioned. Revenge, secret plots and coup d'états it looks like Prezzo has seen one too many spy movies but then again this is the Big Brother House and anything is possible.

By Lihle

Operation Take Over Upville

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