News: From Drab To Fab!
Sun, 08 Jul 2012 10:16
News: From Drab To Fab!
The Nominated Housemates got their hair done for tonight's Live Eviction Show.

As is the norm on Eviction morning, the Eviction Nominees got 5 star treatment from the Organic Root Stimulator hairstylists. Junia, Lady May, Kyle, Goldie, Malonza and Prezzo went from drab to fab this morning after walking around with not so fabulous hair.

The boys got snazzy trims, while the girls were hooked up with gorgeous hair. Lady May and Junia got so comfortable in the chairs they could not help but fall asleep as the hairstylists did their thing.

Looking Good

Tonight, at least two Housemates will be sent to Homeville, after a very successful run in the Big Brother House.

- By NgettyD

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