News: Steamy Jacuzzi Loving
Fri, 06 Jul 2012 23:00
News: Steamy Jacuzzi Loving
Some of the Housemates could not keep their hands off each other in the Jacuzzi.

After having a bit of wine with their fellow housemates, the jacuzzi heat eventually got too intense for Junia and Malonza to handle. The two pounced on each other and sucked face, as their fellow Housemates conversated around them. Keitta stole a glance, probably missing his lady. "I wish I could kiss someone," he exclaimed, as his eyes remained glued to the two lovebirds.

Not even a pair of pliers could extricate Malonza from Junia's death grip and after a few false starts, the Kenyan finally got up for air. Jannette had ditched the Jacuzzi already, so there was no drama in sight, as the two played tonsil hockey.

Kyle got caught up in the excitement around him and made a beeline for Talia's toe, which he sucked enthusiastically.

Like a lollipop

- By NgettyD

Goldie, Junia, Kyle, Lady May, Malonza and Prezzo are up for Eviction this week. CLICK HERE to vote and keep your favourite Housemate in StarGame.

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