News: Hide And Go Booze
Fri, 06 Jul 2012 00:15
News: Hide And Go Booze
It looks like the StarGamers have a new favourite sport that should be called ‘Hide and Go Booze’.

What is that you ask? Well it is when one or more the Housemates take a bottle of alcohol and stash it away from everyone else and then when no one else is looking they creep into the room stealthily like ninja’s to refuel themselves secretly.

So what has brought about this act of stinginess from the Housemates? As they say necessity is the mother of all inventions. Some of the Housemates have been feeling overwhelmed by the large number of people in the House now that all of the Housemates have been grouped together and have been unwilling to share their luxuries, namely booze and cigarettes with the masses.

At the centre of all this debauchery has been celebrity bad boy Prezzo. Today he took to the girls’ bedroom with Jannette and the two rummaged through her bag to find a hidden bottle of wine which they poured for themselves before they hid the bag again under her bed.

A few days ago the rapper hid bottles of alcohol but at that time it was Keagan who was his partner in crime and the two enlisted Goldie’s bags as their chosen hiding place.

Seriously though have these StarGamers never heard that greed is one of the seven deadly sins?

By Lihle

Seek and you shall find

Goldie, Junia, Kyle, Lady May, Malonza and Prezzo are up for Eviction this week. CLICK HERE

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