News: Old Habits Die Hard
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 22:25
News: Old Habits Die Hard
In celebration of their recent victories the Housemates decided to head outside and chill in the Jacuzzi.

The boys of both the Blue Team and the Red team decided that they deserved a little rest and relaxation after all their hard work and sleepless night this week in an effort to impress Big Brother and come out tops in the Shoprite Cook Off Task.

Whenever they have a little down time what is the one thing that the boys have on their minds? Alcohol of course and tonight was no exception. Despite being banned from alcohol by Biggie until further notice it looks like old habits die hard for Wati.

Despite his sanction the Malawian became very distressed when the boys realised that there is bottle of alcohol missing and when Talia refused to give the boys her bottle of wine because she wanted to save if for tomorrow he snapped at her, “We don’t want to drink it tomorrow, we want to drink it today he shouted.” Errm… Hello Wati do you understand the meaning of the word banned?

Give Me The Booze

We’d thread carefully if we were you, you don’t want to get on Biggie’s bad side.

By Lihle

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