Task: House of Blues
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 19:50
Task: House of Blues
Today it was judgement day for the StarGamers, after a week worth’s preparation tonight the Housemates came before Big Brother’s guest chef in the Shoprite Cook Off.

First up was the Blue Team that had chosen salmon as their main ingredient in their dishes. As soon chef Thandi walked in, a courteous Keitta was ready and waiting to playing host for the night at their ‘House Of Blues’ garden restaurant. For the starter the team served up a salmon salad and the teammates called upon Alex to explain the dish but unfortunately nerves got the better of him as he stuttered before the chef.

Wati set the ambience in the beautifully decorated garden as he strummed on his guitar while the chef chowed down on her main course which consisted of grilled salmon and white sauce. For dessert the team presented a chocolate cupcake served with self-made chocolate and a guava, blackberry and orange juice cocktail.

Afterwards chef Thandi headed into the diary room to reveal her judgement to Big Brother. “Their hospitality was great,” she said cheerfully. But on less a positive note the chef critiqued the staff service from the team, “The host had to constantly remind them to bring the food or pour the water,” she said sounding less impressed.

So what was the final verdict? Despite a few hiccups, Biggie decided that the team deserved an A for effort and granted them their 100% Wager.

By Lihle

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