News: The Wise Lady
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 18:45
News: The Wise Lady
Lady May is not often one to join in on group discussions in the House, the lady is not a woman of many words.

But today it became apparent that behind Lady May's closed off self deep down there lies a wise woman. As the Housemates gathered together in the kitchen to put the finishing touches on their dishes they engaged in a discussion about StarGame strategies.

“Everybody’s game plane is to accomplish good things that is what I believe,” said the songbird to the young lads that surrounded her.

The young Keagan refuted her opinions and tried to back it up by making an example with Maneta. “Look at Maneta her game plan was not to accomplish good things. It was to throw bleach,” he insisted.

“That was not her game plan, it is a thing that just happened,” Lady May retorted, before adding, “Even the baddest person in the world wants to be happy.” Wise words from Lady May who knew that behind her child like persona there is an astute woman.

By Lihle

Words of Wisdom

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