News: Shower Fight!
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 16:37
News: Shower Fight!
Lady May and Keagan had a minor bust up over shower privacy this afternoon.

As the Red Team busied themselves with preparations for this evening's Shoprite Cook Off, Lady May and Keagan got into an argument about privacy - or the lack of - in Upville. Keagan was of the opinion that no one has the right to demand privacy when they are in the shower. "I can walk into the bathroom anytime I like, because when you signed up for Big Brother, you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into. This is Big Brother's House and no one else's," he said.

Lady May was having none of it and insisted it uncouth to walk into the shower while someone else is in there. "I do not expect you to walk in while I am in the shower. You need to respect my privacy," she said. Lady May is notorious for seeking and even demanding privacy, in the Upville madhouse.

The two went at it for close to five minutes and when it looked like the disagreement would get heated, it simmered down and died a natural death. Both Housemates of course held firmly to their view and could not be swayed an inch.

Privacy speak

- By NgettyD

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