Diary Room: Caught In The Mix
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 16:03
Diary Room: Caught In The Mix
Talia has admitted she feels caught between Junia and Jannette.

The Malonza, Junia and Jannette saga has taken a new turn. Zambian Housemate Talia told Big Brother how difficult it has been for her to maintain her friendships with Junia and Jannette.

According to Talia, even though the two girls buried the hatchet, it has become awkward because Jannette is not on talking terms with Malonza. "Jannette feels so much happened in Downville, which Junia and a lot of people don't know, that would cause a scandal if it came out. In this case, her feelings have been disregarded," Talia said.

Talia revealed how she is trying her best to balance things out and has been giving Jannette plenty of advice, to help her through the situation.


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