Task: Delicious Treats
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 11:32
Task: Delicious Treats
Both teams were awarded two ingredients each for tonight's Cook Off.

The anticipations is building in the House today. After all, tonight marks the culmination of this week's Shoprite Cooking Challenge. So far, it has been nothing but fun, friendly competition as both the Blue and Red Team's have gone neck and neck for ingredients that they will use during the Task Presentation Cook Off tonight.

This morning, Big Brother commended both teams for performing well during the 'Cocktail Challenge' and as such, has allowed both teams to choose an item each in the Shoprite pantry. The Red Team pipped the Blue Team during the 'Cupcake Baking Challenge', whilst the Red Team impressed during the 'Chocolate Challenge'.


It looks like both teams are certainly pulling their weight. However, there can only be one winner? Who will pull off a stunning victory during tonight's cook off?

- By NgettyD

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