News: Ghost Town
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 10:11
News: Ghost Town
This is exactly what happens when you party till the wee hours of the morning.

The Big Brother StarGame House resembled a ghost town this morning. All that was missing was some tumble weed to complete the picture. Not one Housemate stirred as the clock hit 10:00 CAT. Even Lady May, who is an early bird of note, let the worm go about its business. Prezzo peeped out of the covers for a couple of seconds, as soon as he heard one of his songs being blasted through the House speakers, but then fell right back into a deep slumber.

Goldie, on the other hand sprang into action when one of her tracks was played. She watched herself in the mirror and danced like a woman possessed. Talk about loving your craft! It's a good thing that the Housemates are re-charging their batteries.

After all, tonight is the all-important Task Presentation. Are our dearest Housemates going to impress Big Brother this week?

Take a look at the Housemate's impromptu party in the early hours of the morning, below:

- By NgettyD

Goldie, Junia, Kyle, Lady May, Malonza and Prezzo are up for Eviction this week. CLICK HERE

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