Daybreak: Wati's Big Package
Thu, 05 Jul 2012 08:51
Daybreak: Wati's Big Package
The girls blocked Wati's walk to the bedroom and demanded to see his privates last night.

Our StarGame girls are a very naughty bunch! If you're not convinced, then their late night shenanigans should do the trick. Junia, Jannette and Talia playfully shut off the staircase as Wati made his way up to the bedroom from the shower. The girls playfully demanded to see a baffled Wati's package. Keagan seemed amused at the stand-off that ensued as
Wati tried to bribe his way out of the situation.

"Drop the towel," Talia demanded, as Junia tried to tug at the Malawian's towel, which hung precariously off his body. After it became obvious that there would be no flashing of any goodies, Keagan suggested that the girls divide themselves into two teams and then have two representatives take a peek at Wati's privates.

"Thereafter, it will be a free for all," he enthused. Wati finally made a run for it after Jannette moved from her position on the stairs. Later on in the wee hours of the morning, the Housemates started a rocking party that had everyone breaking a sweat.

After expending all that energy, some of the Housemates decided to bake up a storm in the kitchen.

Show me what you got

Looks like the Housemates are in an excellent mood. Does this mean a Wager victory tonight?

- By NgettyD

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