News: Lady May Says No To Peer Pressure
Wed, 04 Jul 2012 20:20
News: Lady May Says No To Peer Pressure
If you thought that peer pressure is only something that is experienced by naïve teenagers then think again.

Today the StarGame ladies proved that no matter how old you get and where you are, you just can never escape this nasty little thing called temptation.

Early this evening after the Housemates finished of their cocktail mixing challenge, Talia and Junia then pounced on Lady May and tried their best to convince the songstress that they should put alcohol in the beverage and that she should break her self-imposed drinking ban.

Fortunately for Lady May she is a strong woman and is not easily swayed and as hard as Talia and Junia she stuck to her guns. “Try again in ten years’ time,” said Lady May sarcastically to Talia.

Last month the Namibian revealed that she has not touched alcohol in ten years ever since she had a nasty experience as a teenager blacked out in a night club while her girlfriends danced the night away. The StarGame dame has made it abundantly clear that she prefers to stay sober and even the insistent pleading from Talia could not convince her otherwise and why should it.

By Lihle

Peer Pressure

Good for you Lady May for sticking to your principles no one has the right to make you do anything that you don’t want to do.

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